Villamaria has a fee structure that varies for different age groups because of the various age-appropriate activities. Please make an appointment for a visit to see our facilities and the fee structure can be discussed in detail.
Payment is by cash, cheque or online transfer.
Villamaria adheres to the National Pre-school Curriculum which advocates learning through play. The teaching methodology follows a prescribed time table of core subjects (language, mathematics and science) and other necessary topics to ensure a holistic and value-based education.
The Ministry of Education has stipulated that all pre-school teachers must have a minimum of a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. As a matter of compliance, we are actively ensuring that all teachers have the minimum. Those who do not have the minimum are now attending classes to obtain the required qualification. There are also a number of staff who have been with Villamaria for some time now and we benefit from their experience and abilities.
There are between 20 to 26 children in each class according to the levels. The maximum allowed is 30 per class with a minimum of 2 teachers. However, we usually maintain an optimum of 26.
School hours are 8:15am to 12:15pm from Monday to Thursday. On Friday, it is from 8:15am to 12:00pm. There are also the general after-school activities until 3:00pm which are run by Villamaria staff. The Villamaria Child Care Centre operates until 6:pm daily. Activities include nap time, enrichment activities and entertainment. The children are cared for by Villamaria staff.
Due to the various dietary needs, children bring their own snacks. Lunch is prepared for those who stay on for after-school activities.
There are various after-school activities that the children can enjoy – Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin language, ballet, robotics, art, rhythmic gymnastics, kiddie science, speech and drama, Aikido and Little Kickers. These activities are run by out-sourced service providers.
Yes. Holiday programmes are run by Villamaria staff and by service providers. Charges will vary according to the programmes. The school is shut for the last two (2) weeks of the year during the Christmas break.
Mandarin is taught as an optional language under the National Pre-school Curriculum. There are after-school Mandarin classes for those who wish to have an elementary base of the language.
Villamaria provides for Islamic classes for Muslims and Faith Formation for Christians. All children attend Moral lessons.